Industrial Partners

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EBN - Energie Beheer Nederland
Energie Beheer Nederland (EBN) is owned 100 percent by the Dutch state. We see it as our responsibility to make a contribution to society’s ambitions in relation to climate.
We do this by contributing to making the traditional gas value chain more sustainable. In the Dosta project we are a cash contributing partner and share our knowledge on several topics.
NAM - Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij B.V.
The Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij B.V. (NAM) is an exploration and production company with authentic Dutch roots. Its headquarters are located in Assen in the Netherlands. NAM’s core business is exploring for and producing oil and gas, both onshore and offshore in the Netherlands.
NAM’s experience and assets (pipelines, platforms, reservoirs) can play an important role in the Energy Transition, for example for transportation and storage of renewable energy. NAM is supporting the DOSTA project to ensure that we will be able to use existing knowledge and infrastructure in the most efficient way to accelerate the Energy Transition.
NEC - New Energy Coalition
New Energy Coalition (NEC) is a knowledge and network organisation striving for a sustainable world by boosting the acceleration of the energy transition.
System transformation requires business enterprises, (knowledge) institutes and policy makers to innovate in close collaboration in order to achieve breakthroughs in technology and knowledge, in economic and societal implementations and in people’s mindset and behaviour. NEC is already involved in several North Sea Energy programmes and cooperates closely with the University of Groningen. NEC contributes to the proposal by supporting dissemination to students, business professionals and industry in general.
NGT - Noordgastransport B.V.
NGT is a Dutch company with a 500-kilometer network of pipelines in the North Sea and has been successfully transporting natural gas from the North Sea to shore for almost 50 years.
After the gas treatment at its plant in Uithuizen, NGT supplies the gas to the national grid. By transforming the current infrastructure into a Hydrogen backbone, NGT aims to accelerate the green hydrogen economy offshore. As partner in the DOSTA project, NGT uses its knowledge and expertise to enable reliable transport of offshore hydrogen to shore by reusing its infrastructure in the North Sea.
NOGAT - Northern Offshore Gas Transport B.V.
NOGAT B.V. is the owner and operator of the pipeline system NOGAT. It transports gas produced on the Danish, German and Dutch part of the continental shelf to the Dutch market.
The NOGAT pipeline system consists of a pipeline from the F3-FB platform to Den Helder, including connected pipelines to Denmark and Germany, and a gas processing plant in Den Helder.
Smartport aims at making Rotterdam the ‘Smartest Port’ through knowledge development for collective ambition. We are an institution that develops, finances and disseminates project(outputs) related to the energy transition 2030-2050.
We link the best in class researchers, the most innovative businesses and related authorities, and offer them the platform to work together intensively in tackling tomorrow’s challenges. Our goal is to keep Rotterdam and the Rotterdam port area future-proof.
The results of this project will provide insights into future energy hubs for electricity and hydrogen production, conversion and transport. These insight are valuable to the Port of Rotterdam in order to determine the strategy for the energy system configuration of the future.